Easy Street – First clue!

Good Morning everyone!  Welcome to Easy  Street!  I just came off my Orca Bay quilt so I am really looking forward to digging into this new quilt. I especially loved the part where Bonnie Hunter said it would be easier than last year. Thank goodness, too. I barely pulled the other one off within a year!

I am making a concerted effort to be as precise as I can with this quilt because I want the next few weeks to NOT be filled with frustration. I think I am doing pretty good so far.

The first clue was the grey with the black and white pieces. I think I might have to get more of the grey if we are using it in another step. I cut a couple of my strips too small and I am now short of my 2 yard requirement.

All this “being precise” is a bit tiring though. I am getting through this step pretty slowly. I sewed through the strip sets and now I’m alternating pressing and sewing my “foursies”.

This arrangement wouldn’t even look bad by itself as long as there were some colorful borders around it.

To join in or just look at everyone elses’ progress, go visit Quiltville!

5 thoughts on “Easy Street – First clue!

  1. I was about to reply to your comment – well I was about to send it and saw that you are a no-reply-commenter. So I hopped over to the source.
    Well I’m hoping for “easy” too – but well what is easy for some is a horror for me.
    Aye it looks nice – I would say ruby red borders (hehe .. maybe you feel like doing a few extra 4 patches).

  2. Looking good! I’m also going slow and trying to be as accurate as possible. I did Orca Bay last year and even though it looks amazing, up close you can see all the little tips of triangles that got nipped off and places that didn’t line up exactly, so I’m hoping that i won’t have so many of those kinds of things on this one.
    I’m excited about starting this, it was so much fun last year. I hope you enjoy it too!

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