Easy Street Update – Clue 3!

Can I just say that I never thought I would actually get to the clue this weekend? It was stuffed full of all kinds of things. Fabric shopping, machine cleaning, some horrible news and some Christmas shopping just about sums up the whole weekend! On Friday morning I started cutting my fabric for this week’s clue.

2012-12-08 22.39.06That evening (I believe) I caught Bonnie on the QuiltCam. Oh, I was SO happy that there were only 64 bits to the clue this week! You can see my fabric bin there. I am using brown, green and orange in my quilt because… I LOVE luv orange. 🙂 2012-12-09 18.16.23

When I finally got back to it on Sunday evening, Bonnie wasn’t around so I has to settle for Castle. I know. It’s a rough life but someone’s got to lead it. There we were then sewing away. I think I got to within 20 of the finish line though! WOOT!

2012-12-09 21.10.44Look how cute! I know I will have to do some squaring up but I don’t mind so much when they are bigger pieces. 2012-12-09 21.10.04 Oh! And if you look back there at the first pic, you can see my non-slip ruler secret. It’s wicked simple. I take 2 pieces of painter’s tape and loop them sticky side out like you’re going to stick it to the wall, you know? Then When I put it down on the mat, it doesn’t wiggle.2012-12-08 22.39.27  Eventually the tape loses it’s stickiness but it still keeps it from sliding. I don’t know how people keep their “naked” rulers from slipping, I think I just have the worst grip or something.  I’ll have more updates this week about the fabric shopping, etc… right now there is present wrapping to be done. I love everything but the wrapping, however, I am thankful for having things that need to be wrapped.  Oh! and don’t forget to hop on over to Quiltville and check out everyone’s progress!

10 thoughts on “Easy Street Update – Clue 3!

  1. I really like your color choices. I love when people break away from the standard colors. For my rulers I finally found some “stuff” (I forget the name of it) from the quilt shop which you cut to fit your ruler and apply to the back to keep it from slipping. It comes as a roll and is transparent. I thought it would be adhesive, but it seems to be a really thick clear vinyl that just sticks to the ruler. You can peel it up to reposition easily (an also get rid of air bubble.) It is on the back of my Easy Angle and Companion Angle and is working great.

  2. Your blocks look adorable. They look so cute and quirky. I am looking forward to viewing your progress. I just may have to do another one in your colors too. My Easy Angle ruler slips a a lot too. I like your tip on using the painter’s tape.

  3. you asked about the 2 in one method – it works quite well (there are some tutorials and even videos out there) my measurements were 2″ square for the purple, 2×3 inch for the background, and 3,5×4,5 for the aqua (in case you want to try out the method anyway, just to see if it works).
    And no – not down with snow – just a lot of snow, but as long as I can get my bicycle through it I’m happy, if not I get real grumpy and swear at all those bus drivers that don’t get me where I want to be fast enough.

  4. I think the stuff Joanne is talking about is something like Invisigrip – I bought a roll the other day (about $7 Australian) but it did all my rulers! I can’t push down on the ruler due to my broken wrist not healing properly, and this stuff is magic! I do love your easy low tech solution though. Your ES parts are great.

  5. Your colors make amazing blocks–I would have never thought to put them together. Now that I’ve seen them, they’ll be the choice for my next quilt. Great job!

  6. Speaking as a huge fan of orange, your fabric combo looks fantastic! I never ask why there aren’t more orange lovers out there, I just say “that’s more for me!” Looking forward to seeing more of your Easy Street progress in the very near future.

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