Getting the blog back together.

It’s been a long time since I have written anything for my blog. This weekend I was quilting away in the sewing closet and I decided I would get back in here, too. Winter is coming and I’m ready to quilt the whole thing away.

There are 2 projects that kept me busy this weekend. One is a sample for a workshop I’m doing for my guild. Pay no attention to that mess! Look at the adorable string quilt. I tried to keep black and dark colors out of the strings as much as I could because I wanted that black center to pop!


For the record, I don’t love the red. I slapped it on there to call it done but I was thinking of changing it to something less showy. For now, it’ll do.

My second project was nearly completed in the first place. It’s a 3/4 Log Cabin from a Kathy Graves workshop. 5/7 would recommend! It was fun working with all the solids. Since we are friends, I can confess this. I don’t think I have ever made a log cabin quilt before. They were just the most boring thing I could imagine as a new quilter. I know. I know. This can be added to the bucket list though. I’ve done it.  2017-11-12 21.48.17.jpg

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