Another modern quilt class!

This weekend has been really full but I’ve enjoyed it immensely. First, I woke early on Saturday morning and brought my daughter home from college for the week. She’s just so … college student. I love it. Everything is dramatic and loud.

We made cookies together. We used a recipe that my mother used to call Cox’s Army cookies. The idea was that there were so many chocolate chip cookies that there was enough to feed Cox’s Army. I made 2 dozen and then wrapped the rest in long pieces of saran wrap like snakes so I can pull them out to chop them up for quick home baked cookies throughout the next week.


This morning I popped out a roll and baked them up before my quilt class this afternoon. It was another Kathy Graves class. Seriously, she is a fantastic teacher. The class was her Improv Under The Influence workshop. While I didn’t get too far, I did make some serious headway. I’m hoping it will be a lovely grey and coral baby quilt when I’m done. 2017-11-19 15.47.59.jpg

I haven’t even mentioned next Friday yet! NEXT Friday! A few ladies from my guild have convinced me that I should be doing the Bonnie Hunter mystery and it starts on Black Friday. I’ll need all the luck I can get.


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