Ringo Lake mystery Clue 1

I’ve had a few years off from the mystery quilt game. I finished Orca Bay and then Easy Street. I guess after all of those tiny pieces, I felt like it was overwhelming to do it again. My guild has really done a great job at getting me excited for this one. I couldn’t possibly have enough yardage for a scrappy quilt, could I?

2017-11-21 20.38.14.jpg Okay, so there’s no coral/melon color because I didn’t have… any… of them. We are going to work with red instead.

2017-11-21 20.38.53.jpg

It’s going to give me the contrast I need to be happy about the quilt. I’m all about contrast.

Next up! The blue, brown, and neutral are all similar to Bonnie’s choices. Blue isn’t the same either but it’s closer than the pink/red problem. I don’t store so much fabric that I can safely say I have X yards of teal.

I can’t imagine what my poor little sewing closet would look like!

2017-11-21 20.39.07.jpg

2017-11-21 20.38.44.jpg

All that done, I waited. We had a lovely Thanksgiving dinner with family and friends.



I’m one of the lucky women who has a husband that thinks making a turkey is a challenge akin to making a headboard or fixing a computer.

2017-11-21 20.39.02.jpg

When the clue dropped, I was a little worried that I was going to be put off immediately. Something about making 650 of some unit right off the bat wasn’t sitting well with me at 5:30am. Imagine my surprise when it was “just a few” 9-patch units. Well! That’s a horse of a different color! I was off and running.

2017-11-24 08.48.32.jpg

Yardage was being ripped down to fat quarter sized bits to make it more manageable, scissors were being lost, it was so vigorous that even the iron was getting steamy! I kid! I kid! It was freezing in the closet. It’s probably a post for another time.



I started cutting up bits. When I’m working on quantity, I like to stack about 6-8 pieces. I iron one, plop another on top and iron that one, too… repeat. It makes them stick just enough. With everything cut, it was time to start sewing!



It wasn’t long. I took quite a few breaks. It’s not perfect but they are done! You can join in on the mystery by going HERE!

Linking up to Oh, Scrap as well. I hope you all have a scrappy week!

2017-11-24 16.15.22.jpg




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