Another modern quilt class!

This weekend has been really full but I’ve enjoyed it immensely. First, I woke early on Saturday morning and brought my daughter home from college for the week. She’s just so … college student. I love it. Everything is dramatic and loud.

We made cookies together. We used a recipe that my mother used to call Cox’s Army cookies. The idea was that there were so many chocolate chip cookies that there was enough to feed Cox’s Army. I made 2 dozen and then wrapped the rest in long pieces of saran wrap like snakes so I can pull them out to chop them up for quick home baked cookies throughout the next week.


This morning I popped out a roll and baked them up before my quilt class this afternoon. It was another Kathy Graves class. Seriously, she is a fantastic teacher. The class was her Improv Under The Influence workshop. While I didn’t get too far, I did make some serious headway. I’m hoping it will be a lovely grey and coral baby quilt when I’m done. 2017-11-19 15.47.59.jpg

I haven’t even mentioned next Friday yet! NEXT Friday! A few ladies from my guild have convinced me that I should be doing the Bonnie Hunter mystery and it starts on Black Friday. I’ll need all the luck I can get.


Getting the blog back together.

It’s been a long time since I have written anything for my blog. This weekend I was quilting away in the sewing closet and I decided I would get back in here, too. Winter is coming and I’m ready to quilt the whole thing away.

There are 2 projects that kept me busy this weekend. One is a sample for a workshop I’m doing for my guild. Pay no attention to that mess! Look at the adorable string quilt. I tried to keep black and dark colors out of the strings as much as I could because I wanted that black center to pop!


For the record, I don’t love the red. I slapped it on there to call it done but I was thinking of changing it to something less showy. For now, it’ll do.

My second project was nearly completed in the first place. It’s a 3/4 Log Cabin from a Kathy Graves workshop. 5/7 would recommend! It was fun working with all the solids. Since we are friends, I can confess this. I don’t think I have ever made a log cabin quilt before. They were just the most boring thing I could imagine as a new quilter. I know. I know. This can be added to the bucket list though. I’ve done it.  2017-11-12 21.48.17.jpg

Easy Street Update part 4 and 5!

Good morning! I know I’m behind on my Easy Street updates, but I am not behind on Easy Street! I was on a last minute trip to Indiana and was just too exhausted to get round to blogging.  Let’s have a look at how it went. 2012-12-17 19.31.35 I started out with The Shop Around The Corner.  I do like Jimmy Stewart. He’s such a fine looking guy in black and white. It was a cute movie and the flying geese simply zipped through the machine while I was watching him.  I don’t know if you can see it but I have a stiletto that’s actually a dental implement of some kind. I think my dad gave it to me when he was working for an orthodontics manufacturer. Regardless, the thing is wicked sharp and works well for keeping those points in line.

2012-12-15 10.11.002012-12-15 10.11.07When I was in Indiana visiting my grandfather, we stopped at an antique shop. Oh, they had just some wonderful things.  There was a gorgeous double wedding ring quilt that someone did a beautiful job quilting. It didn’t come home with me because I’m not really the quilt collector type… not yet anyway.

I did find a working iron that I thought was a total bargain. It was only $16!  There’s no steam and my goodness this thing gets hotter than Hades and it’s not even on Linen. I pressed a goose and normally with my “Kenmore 1600 watt plastic I’m a great iron” iron, I’ll slap my hand down on the piece I’m ironing to be sure it’s as flat as I’d like… with this one GeezO’Pete! I nearly burnt my hand!

2012-12-20 22.24.35

So, there are my flaming geese. It took me a while to get through the trimming. no matter how accurately I measure a seam, sew slowly, press carefully, it’s always off. At least it’s too big 99% of the time but it’s never the same spot so I can’t accommodate for it. It’s just random.

2012-12-24 07.48.52

I decided to work on Alice for the next unit. What did Bonnie call them? Squatting turkeys? Whatever they are, they’re flying geese with long tails.  I do like them but just look at all the brown in this quilt! At this point I’m thinking the brown should have swapped places with the orange. 2012-12-24 07.45.56

As much as I love them together, orange is my favorite.  Maybe Bonnie will surprise us with a purple and black on white step. I think she said on quilt cam that we are done with the turquoise now, which is my brown pieces. Speaking of Bonnie, you should go check out everyone’s progress right now at Quiltville!

Thanks for stopping by and have a happy Christmas!